Tools built to assist geologists
in their digital transformation

Explore, Model, Share

The future of modelling is
in flexibility and automation.

At DEEPLIME, we develop custom web apps, train geologists on the use of python, and provide our 2 flagship software - GeoLime python library & DeepLime Geoportal.


Our team of data-scientists helps the geoscientists automate their model creation. The workflow is standardised, and the amount of time spent on a model is reduced by days/weeks/months.

We have worked on diverse projects such as:

  • Drillhole database cleaning
  • XRF data reading
  • Classification of samples interpretation
  • Geomodelling
  • Geostatistical blocking
  • Resource/reserve reporting
  • Grade control
  • Open pit optimization
  • And more!

Data/project governance

We develop DeepLime Geoportal to help with governance of data, models, but also workflows used to transform one into the other. The platform provides a central location for data to be accessed by the whole team as well as a mechanism to keep its history and retrieve any version of any data at any time.

Data is centralised and accessible to relevant stakeholders

Data is securely stored on the cloud

Data is standardised to allow for automation and analytics

Data is versioned and auditable

visualisation dashboard

IP-tech integration

DeepLime’s expertise and tools provide a unique opportunity to deploy new technology. We work with researchers from varied backgrounds (geostatisticians, machine learning’ists, explorationists, engineers, mineralogists, …) to facilitate the application of their workroutines into the workplace. This is an essential step for the creation and evolution of new technology and IP for any company.

DeepLime Geoportal

Our web-based platform for data/workflow governance empowers internal developments by being able to deploy scripts/workflows to the rest of the company users.

Data exploration

DeepLime Geoportal's unique Exploratory Data Analysis tools are designed for the geologist. Use the most innovative tools in geosciences and a unique set of interactive graphics.


All DeepLime Geoportal tools can be chained and automated, offering a smooth experience for repetitive and custom tasks, because we know that "it's always different".


As a web solution, DeepLime is designed to publish results within your company, including project sharing, dispatch of routines, and automatic reporting.


DeepLime Geoportal as SaaS or as private cloud deployment allow to scale and adapt hardware resources at a competitive cost.

DeepLime Geoportal can fully take advantage of GeoLime as well as integrating 3rd-party libraries or software

DeepLime Geoportal is currently supporting MS Azure cloud deployments.

DeepLime GeoLime


Our Python library unleashing data analysis, data validation, geomodeling, geostatistics, etc. capabilities fully compatible with DeepLime Geoportal and can be used as stand alone.
DeepLime GeoLime

Our History

DEEPLIME was created in 2018 as we saw a clear lack of automation, data science and cloud expertise in the geoscience consulting and software landscape. The co-fonding team cumulates more than 40 years of experience in the geoscience industry and is backed-up by a team of brilliant developers/data-scientists with various backgrounds. We decided to develop custom routines for each client based on a solid platform, to go against the current with monolithic products trying painfully to fit every client. We set up a team mixing data science and cloud experts with strong backgrounds in mining and oil & gas. The company is now established in 3 countries and the team is continuously growing. In 2019 DeepLime put in production its first instance of the platform on a client cloud, which has now delivered several estimations and reports for more than 300 pits and is used on a daily basis.

to find us?

All around the world. Our team is mainly located in Oceania - Perth (Australia) & Noumea (New-Caledonia) - and in Europe - Paris (France) - where we benefit from an international data science hub.