Explore, Model, Share

Data Analytics for Geological Data

DeepLime offers a collaborative environment for geologists to analyse their data, model it, and share the results within the company.

DeepLime as a software

Data Analytics Platform (DAP)

DeepLime DAP is our new collaborative Data Analytics Platform.
Data Analytics Platform.

We bring innovation back into mining through flexible workflows and versatile graphics capabilities.

Data Exploration

DeepLime DAP's unique Exploratory Data Analysis tools are designed for the geologist. Use the most innovative tools in geosciences and a unique set of interactive graphics.


All DeepLime DAP tools can be chained and automated, offering a smooth experience for repetitive and custom tasks, because we know that "it's always different".


As a web solution, DeepLime is designed to publish results within your company, including project sharing, dispatch of routines, and automatic reporting.

Custom Services

Geo Dashboards

DeepLime DAP comes with the ability to report data, models, progress & BIs through Geo Dashboards within the company.

As a service, we offer dashboard customizations to meet the company standards.

For Geologists

DeepLime offers a different service than traditional dashboard solutions.
Geo Dashboards have the tools and the information the geologist needs: from interactive 3D views to grade tonnage curves and log views.

Wide Spectrum
of Applications

With Geo Dashboards you can: Audit the QAQC process, track the reconciliation results, supervise a drilling campaign compare the evolution of resource models, and many, many, many more.

Geo Dashboards &

Multiple team members can access a dashbaord at a time.
Geo Dashboards are automatically updated from databases or ascii files, and keep an auditable trail of data and model changes.

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